FIG Treehouse

In 2018, FIG launched our newest product – the Treehouse.  The definition of a treehouse is a structure that is built within the branches of a tree – often meant for shelter, refuge, and play.

The idea of FIG’s Treehouse is to offer retreat, rearing, and rapport for our colleagues.   FIG created the Treehouse as a support system to professionals in the industry.  The Treehouse offers a wealth of resources for the novice to seasoned professional in the industry.  The Treehouse is a live, interactive haven of knowledge for the specialty practices of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Catastrophic Case Management.

Treehouse Membership gives you access to:

Library of Resources

Video Tutorials & Demonstrations on processes used in your specialty


Networking with vendors to test drive products used in your specialty

Current happenings and low downs

Upcoming Events (conferences, webinars, announcements)

Bulletin Board to post positions and seek positions (short term & long term)

Chat Room – immediate access to instructors for asking questions and networking with colleagues

Group guidance sessions with specific topics and guest speakers

Individual guidance sessions for your topic of choice

Treehouse Packages

Your Text

Your Text

Treehouse Monthly Membership


$19.99 per month

with automatic renewal


Treehouse Yearly Membership


$199 per year

with automatic renewal

($40 savings)