FIG Treehouse

In 2018, FIG launched our newest product – the Treehouse.  The definition of a treehouse is a structure that is built within the branches of a tree – often meant for shelter, refuge, and play.

The idea of FIG’s Treehouse is to offer retreat, rearing, and rapport for our colleagues.   FIG created the Treehouse as a support system for professionals in the industry.  The Treehouse offers a wealth of resources for the novice to seasoned professional in the industry.  The Treehouse is a live, interactive haven of knowledge for the specialty practices of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Catastrophic Case Management.

Treehouse Membership gives you access to:

  • Library of Resources
  • Video Tutorials & Demonstrations on processes used in your specialty
  • Networking with vendors to test drive products used in your specialtytreehouse
  • Current happenings and low downs
  • Upcoming Events (conferences, webinars, announcements)
  • Bulletin Board to post positions and seek positions (short term & long term)
  • Chat Room – immediate access to instructors for asking questions and networking with colleagues
  • Group guidance sessions with specific topics and guest speakers
  • Individual guidance sessions for your topic of choice

Treehouse Packages

Your Text

Your Text

Treehouse Monthly Membership


$19.99 per month

with automatic renewal


Treehouse Yearly Membership


$199 per year

with automatic renewal

($40 savings)