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Nurse Life Care Planning
Life Care Planning
Medical Cost Projections
Medicare Set-Asides

Once you have chosen your FIG education class – you’ll then choose a package (Aspen, Maple, or Sequoia).

Planting seeds with FIG!

There are two types of learning curves – comprehension and competency.

Competency is the act of understanding something – such as grasping the concept.   This is what we call introductory learning.  Ideas, images, and processes are imported into the brain which creates a knowledge base.  We become aware of this new information which then requires reinforcement to be embedded into the brain – which leads us to the next learning curve.  Comprehension is the ability to demonstrate your comprehension in a successful manner.  You have taken possession of the learned materials and have created a new skill set.
We find that competency for adults is best absorbed in an independent, self-paced study – such as an online class.  And comprehension for adults is reinforced through customized coaching and continuing education.

FIG’s sole proprietary learning management system (LMS) platform offers a hands-on personalized learning experience for each student.  FIG online classes are an independent self-paced study.  However, your online classroom is customized to your needs and preferences. You set the learning pace for each lesson.  Your learning curve is reinforced with audio, visual, and tactile assignments.  We offer feedback, examples, and lessons learned from the field to enrich your learning curve.  FIG instructors are a click away – email, phone, or virtual – for guidance and brain storming.

FIG keeps in mind that our personal and professional lifestyles can be hectic and time is a precious commodity.  We have developed a ‘grab and go’ teaching style that allows you to learn in motion or in shorter increments.   This lets you schedule class time on your calendar and commit to completing the class within a targeted timeframe.  FIG online classes are fragmented into lessons and topics – with friendly reminders of due dates.  FIG online classes are also mobile and tablet friendly.  FIG class materials are downloadable and printable for future reference.

FIG teaches online classes in the specialty practices of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Catastrophic Case Management.

FIG also teaches live virtual and live onsite classes in the specialty practice of Nurse Life Care Planning and Life Care Planning.  These live classes are specific to ‘Being an Expert Witness’ – which is the last portion of these classes.   (More details about these live virtual and live onsite classes can be found under Nurse Life Care Planning and Life Care Planning.)

FIG classes (online & onsite) are pre-approved and meet the educational requirements for the related certifications (CNLCP, CLCP, MSCC).  FIG classes have also been pre-approved for nursing contact hours by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

In keeping with the ‘tree’ theme, FIG offers three packages for online classes – Aspen, Maple, and Sequoia.  Choose which package suits your wants, needs, and wallet.  Packages can be upgraded with a la cart perks – to give customization of your learning curve.

Aspen– for the student who is looking for a basic learning curve with minimum hand holding.  This is very much a DIY package, but Instructors are available during class.

Maple– for the student who is looking for an expanded learning curve with perks of a live virtual class, peer review, feedback, and support.  (most popular package)

Sequoia– for the student who is looking for the deluxe VIP package of a live virtual and onsite class, high-touch mentoring, individual feedback sessions, unlimited resources, business development/marketing strategy sessions, continuing education classes, and life-time coaching.