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Medical Cost Projections

Would you like to transition from the bedside or office setting to working from home, spending more quality time with your family, and earning an average of $100–$200/hour?  Take control of your work schedule, reclaim your weekends and holidays, choose your cases, and elevate your medical, nursing, or healthcare career through the specialty practice of Medical Cost Projections.

FIG specializes in assessing individuals with a life-changing injury or illness to determine their future medical needs with associated costs and ensure the patient/client has the necessary funds to be cared for throughout their life.  We blend our medical knowledge with the legal community – this is the specialty practice of Medical Cost Projections.  The specialty practice of Medical Cost Projections assists attorneys and insurance adjusters with figuring out the medical care and costs at any given time on a case.  Medical Cost Projections are typically behind the scenes as a consultant but can be in the courtroom as an expert witness. 


FIG’s Medical Cost Projection Certification Class is an accumulation of 25+ years experience of working in the medical, insurance, and legal industry.  Learn from the experts as FIG is the only educational provider to offer formal training and certification in Medical Cost Projections. 

FIG’s Medical Cost Projection Certification Class provides learning in a self-paced, online classroom – which allows flexibility with your schedule and is a cost-effective method of learning.   We have eliminated the airfare, travel, hotel, and meal costs.  We have also reduced time away from work and family.  Don’t be fooled – we have not eliminated the personalized, hands-on experience and interaction with FIG Instructors.

Medical Cost Projections Certification Class

FIG’s Medical Cost Projection Certification Class is 30 hours.  The 30 hours are divided into 6 lessons.  Each lesson is 5 hours in length. The lessons include recorded presentations, reading assignments, and homework.  The homework consists of multiple-choice questions and short essay questions.  FIG’s Medical Cost Projection Certification Class is designed as a ‘grab & go’ learning curve.  We recommend blocking out time on your calendar – so you can learn at your own pace in our Online Classroom.   


FIG Online Class Demo

Want to see inside the FIG Treehouse?  The Treehouse is FIG’s online learning portal with all the classes and resources to accelerate your learning.  Fill out the form to see a 15 minute pre-recorded demo video.

Medical Cost Projections Class Packages

In keeping with FIG’s logo – the tree of life theme, FIG offers three packages for Certification Classes – Aspen, Maple, and Sequoia.  Choose your educational class – then choose which class package suits your wants, needs, and wallet.  Packages can be upgraded with a la carte perks – to give customization to your learning curve.

Aspen– for the student who is looking for a basic learning curve with minimum hand-holding.  This is very much a DIY package, but Instructors are available during class.

Maple– for the student who is looking for an expanded learning curve with perks of a live virtual class, peer-reviewed Life Care Plan, feedback, and support.  (most popular package)

Sequoia– for the student who is looking for the deluxe VIP package of a live virtual and onsite class, high-touch mentoring, individual feedback sessions, unlimited resources, business development/marketing strategy sessions, continuing education classes, and lifetime coaching.

Medical Cost Projection Certification Class Includes

Medical Cost Projections

$ 999
  • The Medical Cost Projections Certification Class Includes:
  • Online Class (presentations/videos/demonstrations)
  • Office Hours - live interactive Zoom session with Instructors
  • Peer Review MCP Case Study
  • Ongoing Support During Online Class (Q&A)
  • Treehouse Membership (during class) AND first 3 Months After Class
  • Lesson Notebooks
  • Templates/Samples
  • 30 hours (must be completed within 1-3 months)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • MCP-C Certification with successful completion of MCP Certification Class

One Payment

Automatic 5% Discount



Payment Plan


1st payment of $333, then 2 monthly payments of $333

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