Medical Cost Projections

FIGure out Future Medical Care & Costs!

medical cost projections

A Medical Cost Projection (MCP) is a not-so-detailed process of reviewing medicals, determining future medical care based on the patterns of care in the medicals and anticipated outcomes, and identifying the costs for future care.  Medical Cost Projection reports are much more abbreviated when compared to a Life Care Plan (LCP) report.  A Medical Cost Projection is typically completed when the referral is attempting to understand the medical damages on the case. Medical Cost Projections are completed on an uncomplicated case where the future care is straight forward or when there is limited future medical care. Medical Cost Projections can be customized to the specific requests of the referral.  Medical Cost Projections can also be used as a Consulting or Expert Witness report.

FIG’s Medical Cost Projection class is an accumulation of 25+ years experience of working in the insurance and legal industry – understanding the importance of determining medical care with costs at any given time of the case.  FIG’s Medical Cost Projection class provides learning in an online classroom – which is a cost effective method of learning.  We have eliminated the airfare, travel, hotel, and meal costs.  We have also reduced time away from work and family.  Don’t be fooled – we have not eliminated the personalized, hands-on experience and interaction with an Instructor.

FIG is the only educational provider to offer a formal class in Medical Cost Projections.  This class is 30 hours of online learning.  FIG’s Medical Cost Projection class is pre-approved for 30 CEUs in nursing.  CEUs have also been applied toward other certification renewals.

FIG’s Medical Cost Projections class is 30 hours and divided into 6 lessons:

  1. Medical Cost Projection Foundation & Methodology
  2. Referral Process, Records Review, & Assessment
  3. Collaboration & Recommendations
  4. Research & Coding / Costing
  5. Goals of Medical Cost Projection & Report Writing
  6. Consultant vs. Expert Witness

Each lesson is a 5 hour independent study through our Online Classroom.  The lesson includes a recorded presentation, reading assignment, and homework.  The homework consists of multiple choice and essay questions.

In effort to be a good steward of the earth and save our trees, a printed/hard copy of the class materials is not provided.  However, students have the option of printing and downloading class materials from the Online Classroom.


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