Life Care Planning

Demand for Life Care Planning is Growing!

learn to be a life care plannerThe majority of Life Care Planners are in independent practice within the medical field. We typically choose Life Care Planning as a career enhancement and earn an average of $150/hour. Studies show several Life Care Planners will retire within the next 5-10 years, which leaves the door wide open for you! FIG’s specialty educational courses are the perfect way to advance your career!

FIG offers an educational course entitled Life Care Planning – Through the Ages. This course is taught from the perspective that the rehabilitation/case management process is the foundation of life care planning.

Life Care Planning – Through the Ages has been pre-approved by the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC) as meeting the educational requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP) exam.

The Life Care Planning – Through the Ages course provides learning in a virtual classroom. FIG’s virtual classroom is a cost effective method of learning. We have eliminated the airfare, travel, hotel, and meal costs. We have also reduced time away from work and family. Don’t be fooled – we have not eliminated the personal learning experience and interaction with an instructor. FIG’s virtual classroom includes video presentations, reviewing pertinent resources, reinforcement of learning through questionnaires and research, completion of task assignments, completion of sample Life Care Plan report that is peer reviewed, and interaction/mentorship with the experienced instructors who are CLCP certified.

In effort to be a good steward of the earth, a printed/hard copy of the course materials are not provided. However, students have the option of printing and downloading class materials from the virtual classroom. The Life Care Planning – Through the Ages course is 120 hours and divided into 11 classes. These classes can be purchased individually or as a complete care planning at home

• Class 1 – Rehabilitation/Case Management Process & Life Care Planning (20 hours) *
• Class 2 – Spinal Cord Injury (10 hours)
• Class 3 – Traumatic Brain Injury (10 hours)
• Class 4 – Amputation (7 hours)
• Class 5 – Burns (7 hours)
• Class 6 – Chronic Pain (7 hours)
• Class 7 – Pediatrics/Cerebral Palsy (10 hours)
• Class 8 – Aging (5 hours)
• Class 9 – Catastrophic Case Management & Vocational Rehabilitation (4 hours)
• Class 10 – Develop Life Care Plan (20 hours)
• Class 11 – Legal (20 hours) *

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Life Care Planning

Price $3999

*FIG students have the option of taking Class 1 and Class 11 onsite in beautiful Asheville, NC.  If the live classroom option is chosen for Class 1 and/or Class 11, the student will spend two days in a small round table learning environment with an instructor who is CLCP certified.  Contact FIG ( for our upcoming schedule of onsite dates.