Life Care Planning

Demand for Life Care Planning is Growing!

learn to be a life care planner

We are medical and healthcare entrepreneurs who own a business.  We have chosen to step away from the bedside, exit the clinics/offices, leave the corporate chaos, and take our medical/healthcare skills to a higher level.  We have reclaimed our weekends and holidays.  We have taken control of our schedule. We earn an average of $100 – $200/hour.  We are medical/healthcare professionals that specialize in Life Care Planning.  Studies show several Life Care Planners will retire within the next 5-10 years, which leaves the door wide open for you.  FIG’s classes in a specialty practice (Life Care Planning) are the perfect way to Grow Your Career!

FIG’s Life Care Planning class is taught from the perspective that the rehabilitation/case management model is the foundation of life care planning.  FIG’s Life Care Planning class provides learning in an online classroom – which is a cost-effective method of learning.  We have eliminated the airfare, travel, hotel, and meal costs.  We have also reduced time away from work and family. Don’t be fooled – we have not eliminated the personalized, hands-on experience and interaction with an Instructor.

FIG’s Life Care Planning class has also been pre-approved by the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC) as meeting the educational requirements necessary to sit for the Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP) Exam.

FIG’s Life Care Planning class is 120 hours and divided into 24 lessons:

1. Rehabilitation / Case Management Foundation
2. Life Care Planning Certification & Standards
3. Life Care Planning Process
4. Spinal Cord Injury
5. Traumatic Brain Injury
6. Amputation
7. Burns
8. Chronic Pain
9. Pediatrics
10. Cerebral Palsy
11. Aging
12. Referral, Records Review, & Medical Chronology

13. Life Care Plan Assessment & Primary/Secondary Diagnosis
14. Collaboration
15. Medical Research
16. Recommendations
17. Coding & Costing
18. Costing Research
19. Goals of LCP & Report Writing **
20. Catastrophic Case Management & Vocational Rehabilitation
21. Anatomy of Law Suit
22. Qualify as an Expert Witness **
23. Prepare as an Expert Witness **
24. Testify as an Expert Witness **

Each lesson is a 5 hour independent study through our Online Classroom.  The lesson includes a recorded presentation, reading assignment, and homework.  The homework consists of multiple choice and essay questions.

In effort to be a good steward of the earth and save our trees, a printed/hard copy of the class materials is not provided.  However, students have the option of printing and downloading class materials from the online classroom.

** Students taking the CLCP Exam are required to complete a peer reviewed sample Life Care Plan report and also take the Expert Witness portion of the class live (either virtual or onsite).  Both of these requirements are offered under the Maple and Sequoia packages.  A Case Study for the peer reviewed sample Life Care Plan report will be provided following Lesson 19 (Goals of LCP & Report Writing).  FIG’s Live Virtual and Live Onsite Classes are held on a quarterly basis.  FIG’s Live Virtual Classes are taught in 4 hour increments over a 4 week period.   FIG’s Live Onsite Classes are two days in length and held in beautiful Asheville, NC.  Class sizes are small to allow round table discussions and a personal interaction with FIG Instructors – who are licensed, certified, experienced, and also practicing within the field.  Once you enroll in the Life Care Planning class, you will be contacted to discuss the Case Study and upcoming Live Virtual or Onsite Class schedule. 


Let’s take a look at the class packages (Aspen, Maple, & Sequoia)click here.