Kind Words

As a nurse new to life care planning, I can tell you the course has offered a ton of valuable information. In my opinion, no dollar amount can be put on the tools, templates, and words of experience. Shelene challenges each student to critically think in their application of the nursing process and will not spoon feed you, which I truly appreciate. The information she provides is very detailed and is given in an organized manner. I couldn’t ask for a better program. Love it!

Passed CNLCP exam! Thank you so much for the great education, help, and support through this process. I will forever be grateful!
Katie G.

Shelene’s dedication to her craft of teaching and coaching others in Life Care Planning is obvious. She brings serenity and patience to her students and clients alike. It is my privilege to recommend her Life Care Planning Service. Her skill set is a valuable asset to any case while she is a joy to work with.
Suzanne Sikes

Wanted to thank you again for all your work, support, knowledge, sharing, patience, reassurance, guidance, mentoring…over the last 6 months and especially this past week. I am very glad that I came over to do the on-site class; that I had the opportunity to spend 2 days learning directly from you. Not only did you teach me new things, you also helped me realize some knowledge that I already possessed but had not seen…When I practiced as a midwife, no one shared information or knowledge. I felt very little support…Then I stumbled into case management and have found such a different world…I have found case management (and now NLCP) supportive, nurturing, & safe. Wow! What a concept! Nurses caring for nurses!
– Carrie Thomas

Shelene was able to instruct on how to organize, complete and present the multiple piece puzzle that is a Nurse Life Care Plan using the known of the Nursing Process into the unknown of the learner into a practical document.
Penny G. Cates RN,BSN, CLNC, MSCC

Thank you so much for always being there for me. Your assistance always makes a difference in how I approach my life care plans. Congratulations on your new video website. I love it. You are so articulate & professional sounding. All the very best wishes for your success.
Carol Janse

Especially appreciated your availability for questions – that made all the difference in my successful completion.
Peggy (MSA Course)

This course was outstanding! Lots to learn, much information, & handouts highly regarded.

As a Nurse Case Manager new to the area of Nurse Life Care Planning, I appreciate the wealth of resource information and availability of experienced instructors…The information is so well organized and professional. Of particular interest was the article on LCP from a personal perspective.

I have had the pleasure to be educated and mentored by Shelene, and find that she is compassionate and understanding. Her vast knowledge in the fields of life care planning and medicare set asides are unparalleled. I would recommend Shelene for any of your life care planning needs.
Peggie Nielson
Nielson Consulting

I feel thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your circle of influence and the amazing opportunity to learn from your experiences and those of your cohorts. It was a rare chance to gleen that much information in such a short amount of time.
– Penny Cates

Shelene has a GIFT of putting the complex into practical, simple terms that can be understood. She has a unique ability to place concepts into word pictures that can be grasped and understood.
Carolyn Vanderwarker RN, BSN, MSC
Nightingale Consulting, LLC

I have been a Registered Nurse for over twenty-seven years and hold certifications in case management, legal nurse consulting, Medicare Set-Aside consulting and nurse life care planning (CNLCP). I have attended multiple educational programs over the years in nursing and life care planning and wanted to tell you that your course blew me away!

I very much enjoyed the program. The audio-visual portion of the program was very good. I liked the way it was organized throughout the 2 parts, and your presentation was very natural and easy to follow. An additional value was that you presented very naturally, and it felt almost more conversational in presentation format, which kept my interest.
(Hoover Rehabilitation Services, Inc.)

Thank you for such a wonderful experience at the on-site and with the whole FIG Services NLCP course…You are an Instructor Extraordinaire, that is for sure. From the content you developed to your delivery and transparency. You have the gift of teaching… And you nurture your students.

I cannot say enough regarding the quality and content of this course. The instructor and staff really walk through the process with you. The instructor is transparent in her teaching style and presenting materials. It is difficult to remember that the instructor has another job other than being your instructor as she is always responsive and available.

Shelene Giles knows her business like nobody’s business. Giles is a professional’s professional and an excellent person to know. On November 12, 2011, Giles spoke to the Greater Augusta American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants regarding Medicare Set-Asides, Medical Cost Projections, and Life Care Planning. Giles company FIG Services both produces and teaches these important medical legal work products.
Liz Buddenhagen, RN, CLNC

Knowing the quality of your work, and the high standards to which you hold your work and your company…I am happy to have another course of which I can feel confident of when suggesting courses to other LNCs who ask about NLCPing.
Kristen Jones, RN, CLNC, CNLCP
Kristen Jones Consulting, LLC

Enjoyed the course tremendously! Highly recommend! I have a lot of information to process!

I completed this course as well and it was very informative and helpful. The opportunity to network with professionals from all over the country was beneficial and the small group setting promoted interaction. Small groups allowed for individual questions and sharing of practices and knowledge of resources.
Jodie Nolf, RN, CRRN, CCM

I have recently taken the MSA course from Shelene. She is a fabulous instructor, and the course is very thorough. I feel very confident about writing MSAs and passing the certification exam after having had this course. So, if you are looking for an MSA class, you have found it through FIG Services.
Pat Smith BSN, RN, LNCP-C

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