Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's different about FIG's classes - when compared to other educational providers?

A: There are numerous differences. Prior to launching the Life Care Planning class, FIG conducted extensive research as to the specifics of other Life Care Planning courses. FIG has spent countless hours in locating the most current resources and references which are cited in each section. FIG equips you with a thorough list of current resources and references. Research articles are provided in each section. Per the nursing guidelines, the resources and references are to be updated every two years. FIG brings teaching to the cutting edge through an online learning management system with workbooks, templates and reference material in one convenient place.  Our advanced learning system watches your progress and notifies our instructors if you start getting behind so if needed we can offer help to get you back on track.
Being good stewards of the earth, course materials are provided electronically with the student option of printing.
FIG does not offer an ‘a la carte’ menu. There are no hidden or additional charges. The price is all inclusive of a recorded presentation, workbook, samples reports/letters & templates, a professional yet human connection, and ongoing support in your learning curve.

Q: Is FIG Education one person?

A: Absolutely not. FIG consists of numerous subcontractors who have contributed to the development of FIG’s educational courses. FIG Instructors have 50+ years experience in the fields of nurse life care planning, Medicare Set-Aside, and case management.

Q: Why no printed materials/manuals?

A: In an effort to be good stewards of the earth, FIG has chosen to provide all course materials in an electronic version. The student has the option of printing the course materials or viewing electronically. FIG is the most technologically advanced educational course in the Life Care Planning and Medicare Set-Asides fields.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: FIG doesn’t offer a payment plan, but a number of our students use PayPal Credit to arrange payment.  If you interested in finding out more on Paypal Credit follow this link.

Q: Can I pay with a company or personal check?

A: You may pay with a personal or company check.  Once we have received the check we will send you login and password information for the class you have purchased.