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Grow Your Career With FIG!

Changes in the healthcare industry are creating more opportunities in the nursing, healthcare, and medical fields.  We are transitioning from the bedside to entrepreneurship in specialty practices.  This affords us a change of scenery while still practicing our clinical skills, being independent in decision-making, and enjoying quality time with our family.

FIG will help you realize those opportunities, as well as expand your knowledge, marketability, and income.  Learn at your own pace in a comfortable setting with FIG’s educational classes – yet still have access to FIG’s instructors.  Whether it’s in an online or onsite classroom, FIG offers professionalism in a relaxed learning environment at an affordable investment.  FIG focuses on critical thinking skills, current resources/references, today’s technology, a hands-on approach, a professional atmosphere, ongoing mentorship to promote confidence, coaching on a novice or advanced level to further your learning curve, and continuing education to become more experienced in these fields.  Grow Your Career with FIG!

FIG Offers Classes, Coaching, & Continuing Education!

FIG specializes in assessing individuals with a life-changing injury/illness and determine future medical and non-medical needs with associated costs – to ensure the patient/client is cared for on a long-term basis.

FIG is an internationally recognized educational provider, mentor, coach, and speaker in the specialty fields of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Catastrophic Case Management.  FIG’s classes are taught online and onsite with a personal touch – creating an individualized learning experience.

Our instructors are licensed, credentialed and have 50+ years’ experience in these fields.  Not only do we teach, we continue to provide services in these fields as consultants and expert witnesses – we practice what we teach!  This allows FIG to bring state-of-the-art knowledge and technology into the classroom and provide a more effective coaching experience.

FIG understands that each student is a professional with his or her own life, desires, and plans.  Our goal is to equip you with the real knowledge and skills that result in a positive, healthy benefit for your clients and your career.  FIG also understands much of your learning curve occurs once you start taking on referrals.  We don’t leave you once the class is finished – we offer coaching as you continue learning in the field.  Think of FIG as health care for your career!

FIG focuses to create a personalized, hands-on approach in learning, mentoring, guidance, and brainstorming to yield the prosperity and sustainability of others’ businesses within specialty practices of the medical-legal community.

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