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FIG Methodology Retreat – Know Your Roots!

Thursday October 10th -Friday October 11th, 2024

FIG’s Methodology Retreat 2024 is a transformative event that brings together entrepreneurs who are wanting to enhance and sharpen their skills with taking a deep dive into the foundation, process, and methodology to formulate your opinions. Located in beautiful western North Carolina mountains, this retreat offers a serene and inspiring atmosphere that serves as the perfect backdrop for fostering and fine-tuning professional growth.  The retreat features a carefully curated lineup of speakers, each are a seasoned expert witness.  Hear their invaluable insights and lessons learned, gain awareness and practice strategies to be vigorous in your methodology, and ignite sparks of inspiration as well as fuel your drive for excellence.  Seating is limited to create an inclusive atmosphere.

Winner Outstanding Life Care Planning Educator Award


IARP awards Shelene Giles  Outstanding Life Care Planning Educator Award.  This award is for the individual professional member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the service of IARP, either at the section level, international level, or within a particular chapter. He or she is a commitment to the rehabilitation profession and has made significant and notable contributions both to the organization and profession throughout his/her career.

Grow Your Medical & Healthcare Career With FIG!

Classes, Certification, Coaching, & Continuing Education

Is Life Care Planning For You?

Have you thought about stepping away from the bedside and becoming your own boss in a specialty practice business?  Changes in the medical and healthcare industries create opportunities for registered nurses, nurse practitioners,  physical therapists, occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, physicians, physician assistants and case managers to elevate their careers.  Consider the specialty practice of medical damages.  This specialty practice affords enhancement of your career, a change of scenery while still practicing your clinical skills, autonomy in your decision-making, earning more income, and enjoying quality time with loved ones.

FIG assesses individuals with a life-changing injury or illness to determine their future medical needs with associated costs and ensure the patient/client has the necessary funds to be cared for throughout their life.   We blend our medical knowledge with the legal community – this is the specialty practice of medical damages.  FIG specializes in Murse Life Care Planning (NLCP), Life Care Planning (LCP), Medical Cost Projection (MCP), and Medicare Set-Aside (MSA).  In these specialty practices, there are five common questions we strive to answer –

FIG Education teaches you how to answer these questions through our Classes, Certification, Coaching, and Continuing Education.

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Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, & Medicare Set-Asides

Want to know the differences in these specialty fields (Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projection, and Medicare Set-Aside)?  Click on the green button below.

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Why choose FIG?

We practice what we teach!  Not only do we teach, but we also continue to provide services in these fields as consultants and expert witnesses through FIG Services. This allows FIG to bring in-the-moment knowledge and state-of-the-art technology into the classroom and provide a results-oriented learning experience in our FIG Classes in Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides.

FIG offers Certifications in Nurse Life Care Planning (NLCP), Life Care Planning (LCP-C), Medical Cost Projections (MCP-C), and Medicare Set-Asides (MSA-C) to recognize the competency, and comprehensive learning, that have been achieved and is necessary to be qualified in these specialty practices.  Building on 20 years of experience in the courtroom and classroom, FIG’s reputation has been well-established in the industry.  As such, FIG has become a cornerstone of wisdom and guidance for the specialty practices of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides.  FIG stresses the importance of being qualified over being certified; however, we understand the certification brings credibility.  

We also understand your need for guidance and feedback once you receive referrals.  We don’t leave you once the class is finished – continue your learning curve through FIG Coaching

When you’re ready to renew your certification or need more wisdom on a specific topic – obtain your CEUs and advance your knowledge through FIG Continuing Education

FIG has accumulated decades of experience, resources, samples, and templates, and shares this in an interactive website and private community page.  Don’t reinvent the wheel – access our expertise in the FIG Treehouse.  Think of FIG as health care for your career!


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