Nourish Your Foundation with FIG!

Most individuals choose an educational class to learn a specialty practice – which then leads to the certification exam.  Obtaining certification shows an individual has gained a specialized body of knowledge and an intention to practice within this field.  It is a baseline, a starting point, or a beginning foundation to build upon.  Completion of an educational class and certification should not conclude your learning curve.

Comprehension, the second type of a learning curve, is the ability to demonstrate your comprehension in a successful manner.  But, how does one achieve competency of a newly acquired skill?   And, how does one enhance their competency in a specialty practice?

FIG understands the next step following ‘planting a seed’ is to nourish the foundation.  Nourishment is necessary for growth and health on all aspects – including your career.

FIG’s coaching provides individual and small group platforms to develop competency in specialty practices, such as Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Catastrophic Case Management.

FIG’s VIP Coaching Sessions are solutions focused and results-oriented with specific goals in mind.

Examples of a FIG Coaching Session goals include:

  • Business Practices
  • Guidance through the Referral and Reporting Process
  • Critique/Discussion of a report (including CV) to assist with Expert Witness qualification
  • Rebuttal of a Daubert Motion for Expert Witness disqualification
  • Preparation for Testimony
  • Business Development/Marketing Strategies

Constructive feedback, brainstorming, and guidance is provided in Coaching Sessions to nourish your foundation – which will improve your performance and well-being.  Coaching Sessions are handled with utmost respect and confidentiality.

FIG‘s VIP Coaching Sessions can be scheduled in a live virtual or live onsite setting.

Let’s take a look at the Live Virtual Coaching Package – click here.